Are you motivated to sell Real Estate that you own?

Do you want to sell Real Estate that you have under contract?

Are you new to Wholesaling and need help structuring a deal?

If your answer is yes to either, READ ON…………………………..
Here, at we welcome partnerships with open arms. If you have South Carolina property for sale at discount we want to hear from you. Discover why home owners, investors and even other wholesalers call us first when they want to dispose of a property FAST!! You see, we have network of over 1000 investors that are ready to gobble up great deals for cash, and our business is to continue to feed there need on a consistent basis. This can be tricky at times.

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We are currently forming Joint Ventures with others in the following ways….

If you are motivated to sell Real Estate that you own in the South Carolina area, We have a SUPER FAST solution!! Over the years we have built a large investor network filled with cash buyers that can close within 7 days. Use the link below and tell us about your home and we will respond with a fast, fair, no – obligation offer to buy your home…NO BULL!! We buy both Residential and Commercial property and even Land.

If you are motivated to sell Real Estate in South Carolina that you have under contract than your at the right place. Allow us to market your property to our network of buyers and further your reach to produce fast results. You MUST have the property under contract directly. Please DO NOT submit any deals that your do not have directly. Once you have submitted your deal, it must be approved before we begin marketing your deal to our network. The home must have a significant amount of equity to be considered. Best of all, This service is FREE!!!!

So, What are you waiting for? The time to take action is NOW!!!!

Do you want to be a wholesaler?

If your struggling to get started wholesaling and need help structuring a deal with a private owner of property in South Carolina. We can help!! Wholesaling can be both fun and rewarding when done correctly, but watch out!! There are many pitfalls one can face as a newbie. We have recently began offering an invaluable service assisting new wholesalers structure deals by way of a Joint Venture where we can split profits 50/50. If you simply want advice on the best ways to start marketing for sellers or have already found a motivated homeowner but, are unsure of what to offer, lack the necessary contracts, resources and or cash buyers to assign your contract. Please contact us directly using the link below to learn how we can help you get on the fast track to sell your first deal.

Truth is, there are tons of Guru’s all over the Internet offering to mentor you through your wholesaling ventures, however this usually comes with a larger price tag with little to no guarantee. If your anything like me when I started, you probably don’t have the funds to invest in a mentor program or buy and expensive coarse that can cost hundreds or even thousands up front. I know what you want… I was once in your shoes. You need help, advice, and personable access to an active wholesaler with large investor buyer network without the sales pitch. Fortunately, faith has led you to the right place. Use the link below to contact me directly to see how best that we can help.

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